Ana Beltrá (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1978), after being proclaimed winner of the 1st Artistic Competition of the Fundación Canaria para el Desarrollo de la Pintura (FCDP), presents her new work. Under the title Abismar, the canarian artist gathers a set of pieces formed by four canvases, three diptychs, two triptychs, a mural and a composition.

Abismar continues the path opened with the previous collection of Beltrá, Abisal, the result of his constant desire to recreate new natures: “I immerse myself even more in a stadium of blues swimming between unfinished plants that seem to float in a dark blue scenario that evokes the night. ” His work has always revolved around nature, loneliness, chaos and entropy. Items that have drawn a line of argument to understand the positioning of one and the world and accept chaos as a way of being and defend it as an aesthetic paradigm within art. In this journey, some questions arise, for example, “how I came to tend my paintings in this blue mantle. Perhaps it is the desire to stop the frenzy of our daily occurrence, perhaps it is the will of silence and stillness, of encounter and introspection. The will to reflect and forge the creation of my pieces in this scenario of submerged colors “.

For Beltrá, the abyssal world has always been “fascinating, the methods of survival that exist at those latitudes. I am surprised by the creative greatness of nature to generate these fluorescences and those bizarre life forms. A masterpiece, without a doubt. As a hypnotic I decline capriciously to transport this atmosphere to my jungles. ” And there is a leitmotiv that is repeated: “The plants and more plants that call to proclaim themselves, to look for more spaces between us and to be noticed. To show their kindness in the air “.

Abyss, as abyssal verb, “comes to mean being stunned, speechless, astonished, ojiplático, absorbed by a thought that floods us, or before a scene overwhelming, disconcerting or simply beautiful. An unusual verb, but which I find suitable to the thread of my abysmal context. In short, chosen to invite the viewer to reflect on the relationship we weave with the earth, with the plants “

In recent years Beltrá has been developing a series of exhibitions that address the issue of the relationship with the natural from an urban position. “Artists seek places of inspiration where the phenomena of creation happen in the most spontaneous way possible. Perhaps the essence of that yearning is the need to return to the natural, the lost garden, the sounds and colors that once surrounded us, “says the artist.