The first exhibition “Al Rojo Vivo”, is a metaphor to the hotness and the vividness of the Red Color, where you can see thirty works of different styles, artists from both sides of the Atlantic, ranging from minimalism of Sol Lewitt or Soledad Sevilla, abstract art of Luis Gordillo, Jorge Galindo or Secundino Hernández, the neoxpresionismo of Manuel Ocampo or Santiago Ydáñez, to Figurative Reality of Martin Begue, through the chromatic explosion of Abraham Lacalle or the great mural painting of Jesus Zurita inside the central courtyard.

Not to mention artists such as Mimmo Paladino, Katharina Grosse, Peter Zimmermann, Alvaro Barrios, John Copeland, James Inglés Leary, Gilbert and George, Curro González, Laura Gonzalez, Kati Heck, Todd James, Angel Otero, G. T. Pellizzi, Enoc Perez, Mabel Poblet, Ray Smith, Rafael Vargas, Marina Vargas, Marela Zacharias and John Uslé, which complete the exhibition.