Jaume Plensa – George Condo – Marina Nuñez – Susy Gómez – Muntean & Rosenblum-Jorge Galindo – Os Gemeos – Julio Galán – Julian Opie – Eduardo Berliner – Rinus van De Velde – Norbert Bisky – Cristina García Rodero – Bruce High Quality Foundation -Santiago Giralda – Santiago Lara – Santiago Ydañez – Miki Leal.

This exhibition, with works belonging to the collection of the Foundation, explores the human representation, its portrait and its identity, bringing together the diversity of approaches that characterize current art; inviting us to look at the show as a union of individual glances that ask us about how we see ourselves and how we build ourselves. It expresses the singularity of each individual of the human species as opposed to the philosophical concept of “human nature” that expresses the supposedly common in them, that is, we are “I” and “we” at the same time.