This is the most important painting exhibition by Luis Gordillo (Seville, 1934) in the Canary Islands to date. Almost all the selected works have been carried out since 2010 and are representative of the most characteristic lines of research of this last period of the artist. Since its inception, his work has moved between two complementary poles that enable a constructive dialectic between the vehement liberation of the gesture and its control, a constant pulse between reason and intuition that keeps his work alive and energetic, resistant to the passage of time. weather.

Luis Gordillo is the most influential painter in Spanish art of the last half century. After more than sixty years of experience, he is still there. Against the current, never conforming, fleeing the familiar, suspicious of the easy. The complexity of his style places him in a state of permanent insecurity that forces him to be alert and never be complacent or accommodating.