IV FCDP Artistic Contest

The Fundación Canaria Para el Desarrollo de La Pintura in collaboration with the company Auteide S.A, opens the call for the fourth FCDP-Auteide artistic contest. The selected artistic project will be awarded with an economic endowment, and three months of exposure in the FCDP.

Who can participate?

Participants must comply with the following requirements:

  • Be a canary artist or resident in the Canary Islands.
  • Participation may be individually or collectively, and only one proposal per Participant / S may be presented to the contest. The theme will be free. All kinds of artistic projects are admitted: painting, sculpture, photography, video, etc.

General Project Provisions

You must:

How to take part?

The interested parties will send a unique dossier in PDF format to the email contest@fcdp.es with the name of the author or collective in the matter.
The following documents must be attached with a maximum weight of 10 MB, if exceeding this limit, send wetransfer link or similar.

  • Personal data: Artistic alias if it existed | Full name | date and place of birth | Number of DNI or Passport | Contact Phone | Postal address | Email | Website (if you own) .-

In the case of collectives, you should appoint a representative who will fulfill all the above requirements. However, all team members must put their names and surnames | date and place of birth | Number of DNI or passport.

  • Curriculum vitae or biography.
  • A PDF document where the following information is exposed:
    Exposure concept, at a maximum of two pages.
    Description of the works: dimensions, technique, measurements and year of realization.
    Photographs of the works next to the technical chips, (in the case of already being done).
    If there are audios or videos, a URL should be included.
  • The name of the PDF file will be the name of the author (or collective).

Contest award.

The winning artist or collective will receive:

  • A prize of 3,000 euros, as well as the possibility of exposing for three months in the FCDP, (June / September 2025). The dates may be modify according to the previous program. The award will be delivered in two installments: 1,500 euros once the contract is signed as a winner, and 1,500 euros when culminating the installation of the exhibition.



The winner will be determined by a selection committee in charge of appointing three projects, which will later be sent to the Organizing Committee for the selection of the only winner.
The decision will be unappealable and communicated via telephone to the winner, within 30-40 days.
One of the works set forth in the sample should be donated by the artist to the collection of the Canarian Foundation for the development of painting (FCDP). Following its election by de FCDP.

Important dates of the contest for artists.

The deadline to present the project ends on June 22, 2024.
All kinds of artistic projects are admitted: painting, sculpture, photography, video, etc. The selected artist will have an economic prize, and the opportunity to expose the works in the FCDP for 3 months. Any communication, doubt or question can be done at the following address: contest@fcdp.es