Dokoupil, (Krnov, Czech Republic, 1954), presents this wonderful sample of his most recent bubble paintings; series that began in Tenerife in 1987, with the representation of seven bubbles, one for each color of the rainbow. Five years later he made a group of smaller works using his own spit, and that’s when he embarked on the search for the perfect soap bubble painting.

Further experimentation showed that the canvas has to be treated with gesso and sanded a certain number of times so that the bubbles can adhere. The production of the soap mixture has been solved by Dokoupil, who has also become an expert in mixing pigments.

The results that we see in his works perfectly imitate the iridescence of the soap bubbles when they are still in the air, but they are reflected on the canvas so we can enjoy them permanently. Always fascinating to see, the hypnotic effect of the bubbles is constantly renewed, giving the impression that there is no limit in the number of repetitions of the paintings that should be completed.