Alejandra Freyman-Ángel Otero-Enoc Pérez- Erick Beltrán-Fernanda Brunet-Hulda Guzmán-José Dávila-Mariana Palma-Mabel Poblet-Os Gemeos-Sandra Gamarra-Stefan Brüggerman-Tadáskia-Vânia Mignone

The Fundación Canaria para el Desarrollo de La Pintura (FCDP) presents the exhibition Latin America, where a selection of 14 works belonging to its own collection, explores the hybridization of cultures and races, which has given an added value to the art of these countries.

Bringing together the diversity of approaches that characterizes today’s art, this exhibition invites us to take a tour through Latin American art, how it has been influenced by the pre-Columbian cultures that inhabited the region before the arrival of European colonizers, who in turn introduced new techniques, styles and artistic currents throughout the area.

As well as political and popular art, all until the arrival of more contemporary art that has produced a large number of important artists and artistic movements in the global context, such as geometric abstract art, concrete art and kinetic art.

For society, these movements are considered a valuable tool for the transmission of values, imaginations and stories central to universal culture that are passed on from generation to generation.

In this exhibition, from the collection of the Fundación Canaria para el Desarrollo de la Pintura (FCDP), you will be able to see the colonial art of Sandra Gamarra, the work of the Canary Islands Foundation for the Development of Painting (FCDP), the work of Sandra Gamarra and the work of the Canary Islands Foundation for the Development of Painting (FCDP).