Palazuelo-Juan Uslé-Sigfrido Martín Begué-Jiri Dokoupil-Patricio Cabrera-Matías Sánchez-Brendan Cass-Erick Parker-Enrique Martínez Celaya-Abraham Lacalle -Julian Schnabel-Arturo Elizondo-Os Gemeos-José Manuel Ballester


The Fundación Canaria para el Desarrollo de la Pintura (FCDP) presents the Christmas Cards exhibition, where a selection of 14 works from its own collection explores different pictorial styles, making a journey through different periods, colors and shades.

This exhibition shows a journey through the creations of artists, national and international, where the mere fact that at some point they have been a Christmas card, is a simple pretext to enter a place of varied brushstrokes whose objective is to show us the greatness of the art.

In this exhibition you will be able to contemplate the figurative art of Siegfried Martín Begué, the abstraction of the 90s by Juan Uslé, the analytical art of Pablo Palazuelo, the force of the painting of Julian Schnabel, the beautiful landscapes of Brendan Cass, the magnificent bubbles by Jiri Dokoupil, the flowers that catch you by Patricio Cabrera, the graffiti trade of Os Gemeos or the satirical brushstroke of Matías Sánchez, among others.

Bringing together the diversity of approaches that characterizes contemporary art, this exhibition invites us to look at the pure beauty of these works through this plurality. To understand contemporary art is to understand conflicts, realities and societies. Knowing art inevitably leads us to understand.